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The Early Years: Parent Resources

Ever heard the phrase, "children don't come with a how-to manual?" For new parents and seasoned parents alike, every day holds new experiences/surprises as your child grows and develops. No two children are ever the same! Parents are often left scratching their heads asking themselves WHY and how to proceed. Or, perhaps you are simply looking for general information about child development, brain development, activities to do at home, how to encourage language development, etc.

This Resource page is meant to be a place to find helpful information: articles, links, and tips. Perhaps you have a resource you would like to share with other parents. Feel free to sign up and leave a comment.

The West Nashville Preschool does not endorse methods and practices found here, but rather offers you ideas to ponder that will hopefully help you understand your child's development better. It is our goal to partner with you as your child grows, develops and experiences the precious early childhood years.


ZERO TO THREE: early connections last a lifetime

Your source for everything about infant and toddler development.

Our Mission

To ensure that all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life. At ZERO TO THREE, we envision a society that has the knowledge and will to support all infants and toddlers in reaching their full potential.


KidCentral TN - For resources specific to Tennessee's children and families. This website contains a wealth of information for all services Tennessee has to offer. There is some outdated information and broken links, but it's a wonderful resource (health, education, development, support).


PBS Kids - Not only do they have programming you are probably familiar with, but they have an option called Thrive. Thrive offers information and activities about Social/Emotional development, Literacy, Art, Math, Science, etc. Check it out for those times when you might want a special activity to do together.


UNICEF - for every child

Parenting - The Playbox

You hear us talk about the importance and power of play in the early childhood years. If you wonder why, here's one look at how to utilize play to "learn."

Play isn’t just about fun — it’s about learning too. During their first three years of life, your child’s brain develops faster than at any other time! When children play, they are exploring their world and building critical skills that bring a lifetime of benefits.

If you’re looking to learn more about play, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need some game ideas or want to dive deeper into the science of play, UNICEF Parenting has you covered. Happy exploring! (UNICEF)


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