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Curriculum Spotlight: Dramatic Play

Children learn through observation and repetition. In dramatic play, they are able to act out situations they've seen before to help reinforce concepts. Our educators are also able to help introduce new concepts to expand upon children's understanding of the world around them.

Starting with our Infant / Toddler classes, each of our classrooms have dramatic play centers where children can use their creativity and imagination to act out real life scenarios with costumes, props, and scenery.

From daily routines (like cooking, shopping, working, and cleaning) to the most ambitious careers and accomplishments (like a doctor treating a patient or an astronaut landing on the moon), engaging in dramatic play allows children unlimited developmental opportunities across all learning domains, such as:

  • language and literacy

  • math

  • science

  • social studies

  • fine motor

  • gross motor

  • social

  • social-emotional

  • cognitive

Through these play-based learning experiences, children are able to develop various skills, including:

  • communication

  • abstract thinking

  • problem solving

  • cooperation

  • empathy

Check out some of our children taking full advantage of our dramatic play areas!


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